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Soffit And Fascia Damage

The Cause

Soffit and fascia damage is typically caused by intrusive water damage usually by leaky gutters. This causes wood rot.

Ideally when a rain storm comes through, your roof should act as a system to direct rain from the top of your house to the ground without any water getting in. The rain hits the shingles, goes down the slope and into the gutters, then through a downspout to the ground safely away from your home.

However, residue is left on the edge of the shingles which will slowly drip down and get behind the gutter and rest on the soffit. Over time this will cause the soffit and fascia to develop wood rot. To protect this from happening, newer homes use a drip edge, which acts as a barrier to redirect those stray drips of water into the gutter. Drip edges are key to maintaining your home, but they are often missing or damaged on old homes.

Regular Maintenance of Gutters to Avoid Soffit and Fascia Damage

Undetected gutter leaks can cause a massive repair project, which is why it’s important to clean your gutters regularly. If your gutters are high off the ground, like in the case of this historic home where the roof was 30-feet up it may be a good idea to call a professional to take a look (unless you own a long ladder and are comfortable with heights).

Remember, just because a tree doesn’t hang over your roof doesn’t mean debris can’t get in your gutters. Even if you aren’t near any trees it’s always a good idea to check you gutters twice a year, once during a fall cleaning after the leaves fall and again in the spring to ensure no ice damage has occurred

How to Spot Soffit or Fascia Damage Early

While the best way to check out a leak is to inspect your gutters, that isn’t a realistic option for many people who shouldn’t risk being high up on a ladder. Some great things to look for from the ground are:

How to Repair Soffit and Fascia Damage

What if I Spot Soffit or Fascia Damage?

If you spot soffit or fascia damage, it is a good idea to call a local repair company. Stopping wood rot early on can save you hundreds of dollars by leaving salvageable wood. Waiting too long will mean there is no wood to work with and it will all need replaced instead of just some. If you’re in the Raleigh area and notice any water damage to your soffits or fascia, you can give us a call and we would be glad to help! Also, feel free to check out our other services such as gutters, gutter guards, roofing and painting.

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