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Microfiltration Gutter Guard Innovations

Here are eight major changes Alex Higginbotham introduced with MasterShield to further advance his microfiltration gutter guard technology.  He likes to call them the “Evolution of the Revolution”, the “revolution” being his original, innovative technology (LeafFilter®) that started a change in the gutter guard industry, the “evolution” being how he took the technology in a new direction with MasterShield to make it work even better than before.

8 Reasons to Invest in MasterShield

From PVC to Aluminum

From Thick to Thin

From Side-by-Side Panels to Interlocking the Panels

From a Dealer Installed Filter to a Factory Installed Filter

From Sitting Flat on the Gutter to Integrating With Your Roof

From Gravity Fed to HydroVortex Technology

From a Stock Filter to the MicroVortex Microfilter

From Unheated to Heatable

The MasterShield Warranty

The MasterShield warranty is unmatched in the industry.  Check around and you’ll quickly learn that it sets us apart. We guarantee that a gutter protected by MasterShield will not clog. If it does, we’ll replace it or refund you the product cost of the MasterShield installed on your house*. But we don’t stop there: should the clog cause damage claimable against your homeowner’s policy, we’ll refund your insurance deductible, up to $1,500.

Our goal: make you an educated homeowner and save you money on home repairs and preventative maintenance.  On our free list you’ll find:

Interior & exterior issues

Issues that may be hard to spot without the right know-how

Issues that can affect your family’s health

Problems other service providers won’t tell you why they occurred

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